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Alcohol and Erectile Dysfunction

Male potency depends on many factors, one of which is alcohol. Drinking alcoholic beverages can cause erectile dysfunction and even lead to impotence – inability to complete sexual intercourse. This need to be known by representatives of the stronger sex, because problem with erection can lead to prolonged depression and infertility.


Bad Habits and Related Diseases in Men with Erectile Dysfunction

If to analyze existing bad habits and accompanying diseases in men with erectile dysfunction, then the first place is taken by drinking and smoking, followed by such concomitant diseases as hypertension, obesity and excess weight, and chronic stress and constant fatigue aggravate whole situation.

Smoking and Erectile Dysfunction

  • Epidemiological survey on ED incidenceErectile dysfunction among men who smoke is two times more common than in non-smokers in the same age group.
  • Cardiovascular diseases + smoking increases incidence of erectile dysfunction by 3 times during the next 5 years.
  • Study of ethnic Chinese: in 23% erectile dysfunction is caused only by smoking.
  • Britain: smoking causes erectile dysfunction in 120,000 men aged from 30 to 50 years.
  • McVary and others: smoking increases risk of moderate or severe erectile dysfunction by 2 times compared to non-smokers, quitting reduces this risk.
  • Rosen and others: smoking is an important factor in development of atherosclerotic plaques in lumen of the main arteries of pelvis and penis in young men.


Myths and Facts about Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, even in the modern world, is surrounded by legends. Get acquainted with these common myths about erectile dysfunction and find out facts that really stand behind them.

Erectile Dysfunction is Normal

Myth: Erectile dysfunction is a normal part of getting old and men should just learn to live with it.

Fact: Although erectile dysfunction is more common among older men, this does not make it «normal». Elderly people, in order to get excited, need more stimulation than at young age. But there is no scientific evidence to accept weakening of sexual function as one of inevitable consequences of aging.


How Antibiotics Affect Male Potency

Antibiotics are one of the most significant achievements of all mankind in treatment of many complex ailments and today they are widely used in various fields of medicine: surgery and urology, dentistry and gynecology to combat venereal, viral, bacterial and other diseases. Throughout the world, more than a hundred varieties of antibiotics are known that have a wide or narrow spectrum of action and are proven that their use has already helped to save more than a thousand human lives.


Canadian Zithromax General Description

Zithromax from Canadian Health&Care Mall healthcare online acceptance is administered in case of confirmed bacterial infection forms. The drug belongs to group of macrolide and azalide antibacterial agents. The active substance has chemical nature and complex multilevel formula.

The medicine refers to the third generation of microbicides with minimal resistance to the various pathogenic bacteria. This allows to be used by patients with various forms of inflammatory diseases. The basic form of application is gelatine capsule inside which white crystalline powder is.

Capsules should be taken as a single piece, without preliminary breaking up. This should be followed because of the fact that gastric juice hydrochloric acid may adversely affect drug components. The capsule form allows you to bring it in an unchanged form to the intestinal cavity, which have no aggressive acid environment.

Pharmachologic Effect

The main health care action of Canadian Zithromax online is directed against a wide range of bacterial infections forms. When injected into body tissues, active constituent binds to ribosomes, cell inclusions. Due to persistent connections formation protein production is blocked inside bacterial cell connections.

Thus, therapeutic dosages of Zithromax from Canadian Health&Care Mall healthcare online helps to achieve bacteriostatic slowing down process and inhibition of bacterial microflora multiplication. For rapid microbial flora destruction it is required increase in concentration of active substance in blood plasma.

The number of bacteria which are sensitive to the drug, includes:

  • all kinds of streptococci;
  • Bordetella and Campylobacter;
  • anaerobic microflora;
  • mycoplasma and ureoplasma.

In some cases, instructions for use of Zithromax may be used at tissue damage by spirochetes.

After oral administration active ingredient enters blood within 30 minutes. An hour later, plasma concentration reaches 38 percent. Maximum bioavailability occurs after 2 hours after administration of therapeutic dose – 500 mg. For full recovery it is necessary to take antibiotic Zithromax at least during 3 consecutive days. In severe infections longer courses of treatment are obligatory.

Zyban as Medication to Quit Smoking

Quite recently, having successfully passed all cycle of long and difficult clinical tests, new medical supply under the name Zyban has appeared. Tablets and dragee of the same appointment were issued earlier, however it wasn’t necessary to speak about their high efficiency. Absolutely other business is with Zyban.

Lutz Schmidt, psychiatrist of Free University in Berlin, has told: “Zyban marks significant progress. Its application has allowed to provide the good results in disaccustoming from smoking. It is attractively at Canadian Health&Care Mall”.
By the principle of action the new medicine significantly differs from:

  • nicotinic plasters;
  • chewing gums.

They provide receipt in an organism of strictly dosed and gradually decreasing portions of nicotine to compensate its deficiency caused by the smoking termination and by that to soften at the beginning especially physiological component of an abstinence syndrome. Zyban reduces thirst of the patient for cigarette. It is easier for the one who takes a preparation to abstain from smoking even in the most critical situations. Tablets help to cope also with mental components of an abstinence syndrome, such as bad mood.


Lutz Schmidt explains: “The preparation makes positive impact on process of metabolism in brain. It is conditionally possible to present that metabolism reverts to the original state that it occurs again as it was in times when the patient didn’t smoke. First of all synthesis of number of the hormones is restored which are carrying out functions of neuromediators – some kind of alarm substances, such as dopamine and noradrenaline. Operation of the biochemical mechanisms broken by smoking, especially which depend on dopamine and adrenergic receptors in extrapyramidal and limbic systems of brain is normalized as a result”.

According to scientists, these systems also define need of the smoker for the next cigarette. However, even Zyban developers have only very approximate idea so far concerning the mechanism of new preparation influence. But it is not the main thing, people knowing nothing about its device use, say, phone.
The main thing is preparation efficiency, and it is convincingly confirmed with clinical tests. During these tests the preparation had to compete, in particular, and with a nicotinic plaster, and with placebo what patients, naturally, didn’t guess.

Lutz Schmidt so states results of these comparisons: “Tests have shown that after seven months of therapy the success quota, i.e. a share of the patients who have really managed to leave off smoking in case of:

  • placebo has made only 20%;
  • use of a nicotinic plaster has reached 30%;
  • application of Zyban has exceeded 40%.

And the best results have been achieved at the patients combining application of a nicotinic plaster with a new medicine. Control results in a year after the beginning of therapy are even more indicative. Among those who used:

  • only a plaster the share left off smoking has made 16%;
  • among those who accepted Zyban – 30%.

That is possible to tell that the preparation is almost twice more effective than a nicotinic plaster”.

Zyban is not expensive medicines especially on Canadian Health&Care Mall – day of therapy costs the patient approximately in the cost of pack of cigarettes. One packing is enough for 4 weeks. However it isn’t necessary to imagine as if physicians have developed a certain panacea, wonderful means which will allow to leave off smoking without the slightest efforts and unpleasant feelings. give up smoking

The creator of preparation warns: “Only one tablet in itself will hardly be able to provide success. It is necessary to consult with the attending physician of the so-called behavioural therapy which has to accompany and supplement preparation reception. I mean the special type of psychotherapy focused on elimination of the skills created by smoking by means of special receptions. But it isn’t necessary to refuse also from such well-known, but enough effective auxiliary receptions as use instead of cigarettes of chewing gum or lollipops to occupy with something a mouth. But! Neither lollipops, nor in an elastic band shouldn’t contain sugar! It is also very important to get support of the family and friends in this hard undertaking”.

Side Effects

The story about a new preparation would be incomplete if not to concern by-effects which can arise at some patients. Most often physicians should listen to complaints to dryness in mouth and sleep disorders. However not always negative manifestations are so harmless. At the corresponding predisposition reception of preparation can become the reason, for example, of convulsive attacks, depression. Be attentive while taking this medication especially the correct dosage.

How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to either get or sustain an erection that is firm enough for satisfactory sexual intercourse. This disorder is also at times referred to as impotence. Occasional ED is quite a common phenomenon and majority of men experience it during the time of sex. However, the problem becomes frequent it can be sign of a health problem and has to be treated.

Although, the risk of ED is said to increase with age yet it is not an inevitable result of getting older. Some of the common causes of ED are:

  • Heart problems
  • Diabetes
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Intake of tobacco
  • Consumption of alcohol
  • Treatment of prostate cancer
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Effect of other drugs

Depending upon the cause, the severity of your problem, and the prevailing health conditions, you might have several treatment options at hand. Your doctor will explain to you the risk and the benefit of erectile dysfunction treatment Canada and will consider the option that will work the best for you.

Erectile dysfunction treatment

Oral Drugs

Oral medications have been successful in treating erectile dysfunction in many men. These medications are:

  • Tadalafil (Cialis)
  • Sildenafil (Viagra)
  • Avanafil (Stendra)
  • Vardenafil ( Levitra or Staxyn)

All these oral drugs improve the effect of nitric oxide. This is a natural chemical that is produced by the body and helps in relaxing the muscle of the penis. It increases the flow of blood to the penis and helps in getting an erection as a result of the sexual stimulation.

However, the have certain side effects and some if the common side effects are:

  • Headache
  • Flushing
  • Nasal congestion
  • Backache
  • Stomach upset
  • Visual changes

It is better to consult the doctor before consuming any of these medicines.

Alprostadil Self-Injection

With this procedure, a fine needle is used to inject alprostadil either at the side or at the base of the penis for erectile dysfunction treatment Canada. In certain cases, the medicines of penile injection can be combined with other injections or taken alone.

Canadian Health and Care Mall states that each injection will lead to an erection that will last for about an hour. The needle that is used is very fine and thus, the pain from this injection is also very minor. Side effects of these injections are:

  • Bleeding
  • Prolonged erection
  • Formation of fibrous tissue at the site of injection

Penile Pumps

Penile PumpsA penis pump is generally a hollow tube that has a battery powered or a hand-powered pump. The tube is placed over the penis and following this the pump is used for sucking the air out air into the tube. This develops a vacuum which helps in puling blood into the penis. After you have got an erection, you can slip a tension ring around the lower portion of your penis for holding in the blood and keeping it firm.

The erection lasts long enough for you to have sex. However, make sure that you remove the ring after having intercourse. Side effects of this method are:

  • Bruising
  • Restriction in ejaculation

Penile Implant

This involves placing a device on both the sides of the penis. The implant has semi-rigid or inflatable rods that help you to control your erection. It keeps your penis firm but bendable. However, as per Canadian Health and Care Mall, there is a risk of infection in the surgery.

Canadian Health&Care Mall and Levitra Application in ED Treatment

Do you know how many men daily feel disappointment because of inability to have sexual intercourse?

The number of these sufferers is estimated in hundreds of millions! For quite some time now patients with erectile dysfunction were utilized Viagra. But at its preparation there are a lot of disadvantages. However this preparation has opened a new era in treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Levitra is more modern development of doctors in the same sphere. It is obvious to start with several figures which say that Levitra is really better, than the preparations created earlier. From the moment of Levitra creation there has passed not one year. During this time both preparation scientists and producers from many countries have carried out nearly one hundred clinical tests. Men of the most different age up to ninety years participated in clinical tests. Canadian Health Care Mall has in its assortment Levitra which fast stimulates erection and prolong the sexual intercourse.


The reasons causing erectile dysfunction among such wide range of examinees are also the most various. When using a standard dosage of Levitra improvement of erectile function has been noted at eighty five percent of experiment’s participants. If to approach purpose of a dosage more individually, then Levitra efficiency reaches ninety two percent.

That is why before purchase of Levitra via Canadian HealthCare Mall it is better for you to descend to the doctor and to consult concerning a dosage and use of this preparation. Levitra effectively helps even to those men who were helped by Viagra. According to scientists, sixty two percent of men who unsuccessfully used this preparation were quite satisfied with action of Levitra. At the same time Levitra can cure of impotence even of the patients having diabetes. In group of similar patients efficiency of Levitra has made seventy two percent. About seventy percent of the patients who have transferred prostate removal also note effective action of Levitra.

Most often it isn’t necessary even to use the biggest dosage of Levitra, here it just also is intended for treatment of the above described hard cases of impotence. Ninety two percent of men are helped by a dose in ten milligrams of a Levitra. It is also necessary to note that the organism doesn’t get used to action of Levitra and doesn’t demand continuous increase in preparation quantity. At the powerful activity, Levitra possesses smaller side effects, than preparations of the same row. It is connected with what vardenafil – active agent of this preparation, affects those enzymes which are in carvenous body, almost without mentioning the similar enzymes which are in other parts of body.

Therefore you can practically not worry about side effects caused by the use of Levitra. Only two percent of the men using Levitra complain of visual perception change. Cold is observed at ten percent of men, some changes of digestion are observed at four percent of men. Reddening of cheeks happens at twelve percent of the patients using Levitra and most often in sixteen percent of cases, the insignificant headache is observed. However don’t worry, all side effects pass by itself and quickly enough. The main contraindication for use of Levitra are heavy violations of heart and vessels work. If your heart is rather healthy, then you can take Levitra absolutely quietly.

There are some restrictions for treatment by Levitra together with other medicines. Therefore before application of Levitra surely study the instruction for use and consult with the doctor.

Canadian Health&Care Mall: How Medications Influence Erection

There are several types of preparations which can exert adverse impact on erectile function of man’s organism. The hormonal preparations blocking effect of male sex hormones (so-called anti-androgens) and also preparations of female sex hormones cause serious problems with an erection due to violation of all hormonal mechanism of its emergence. Canadian Health&Care Mall offers to exchange such preparations to other to avoid such ramifications.

Such preparations are appointed, as a rule, only at serious diseases, the most widespread of which is the prostate cancer. In this case doctors are guided by the principle “not to fat” when first of all it is necessary to prolong and facilitate the patient’s life as much as possible. However cases when powerful actions are known at prostatic hyperplasia (better known as adenoma) when anti-androgens were appointed to patients from good-quality. Of course, they help smoothly, but at the same time all men in horror realized that they don’t feel like more those. Fortunately, erectile function was quickly restored after preparation cancellation. To other medicamentous preparations causing erectile dysfunction all substances treat with the oppressing action on cerebral cortex.

Mainly it is alcohol and narcotic preparations which except impact on brain and cause the general exhaustion of an organism that doesn’t promote neither to erectile function in particular, nor reproductive in any way in general. In such cases not only full preparation cancellation, but also the convalescence period properly spent is necessary for restoration of normal erection.

sexual contact

Besides, there are some preparations according to pharmacological classification relating to the most different groups which possess property to block the peripheral nervous terminations responsible for emergence of an erection. Who knows, for example, that for this reason it is impossible to accept antihistaminic preparations from which most famous representative is the Dimedrol more than 10 days. If the question of normal erection isn’t indifferent for you, then at appointment to you any preparation take an interest at the doctor whether it causes similar violations.

Neurologic Reasons of Erectile Dysfunction

Such diseases as epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, injuries of head and spinal cord, small pelvis and crotch, various operations on these areas can be carried to the neurologic reasons of erectile dysfunction. As a rule, other displays of disease are so heavy and serious that problems with an erection depart even further, than on the second plan.

However acute violation of erectile function after the undergone operation or a trauma becomes frequently a serious problem but which may solved due to Canadian Health&Care Mall in no time. Place an order and you will achieve recovery as fast as possible.

Unfortunately, and here possibilities of modern medicine leave to wish a lot of best, and is rare when such patients manage to be helped differently, than implantation of an artificial limb of carvenous body.

The Psychological Reasons of Erectile Dysfunction

However, despite a large number of diseases and states which can lead to violations of erection most often erectile dysfunction is caused by features of male mentality. And if still to consider the fact that the psychological component surely accumulates on any organic violation of an erection, then it becomes clear what important place is taken by the psychological reasons of violations of an erection among all other reasons. The erection at the man can not appear, to quickly vanish or be low-quality if he has depression, prolonged stress, fatigue, the general feeling of sickness, discontent with the partner, a situation, at the conflicts with the partner, discrepancy of sexual habits and requirements of partners, fear of possible pregnancy or infection or sexually transmitted disease, most often AIDS.

Canadian Health&Care Mall Explains How Water-Lemon Stimulates Erection

Recently scientific positive influence of one fruit on male sexual abilities was revealed. It will be talking about water-melon. As the water-melon influences a potency, it is possible to ask such a question, how it can help to increase erection. How does exactly it occur?

How does the water-melon influence erection? The delicacy improves blood circulation.

The scientific world has revealed in water-melon such a substance as citrulline. This amino acid is a part of Viagra brand strengthening erection. Citrulline in water-melon in the course of chemical reactions will be transformed into arginine. Arginine, in turn, is necessary for healthy work of cardiovascular system, it expands vessels and improves blood circulation. Good blood circulation is one of major factors of firm erection and high potency, an erection directly depends on quality of filling by blood of genitals. Canadian Health and Care Mall points out that it becomes possible to sustain your erection long with the help of Viagra, Cialis or Levitra sold by our service that’s why you may order it now at attractive price.

Influence of water-melon on male sexual abilities is recognized positively because except citrulline there are as well lycopene and beta carotene. These substances keep skin young, protect heart and prostate from harmful substances. It is known that lycopene in high quantity is in tomatoes and grapefruits. But experiences have shown that this substance is available also in water-melon. Still this fruit contributes to normalization of arterial pressure and brings different harmful substances out of an organism. 8% of the lycopene which is in fruit are so useful to sexual health.

water-melon and erectile dysfunction

How does the water-melon influence erection? Most of all necessary substances are located in a crust

So the water-melon influences erection very well. The problem is that its influence happens not instantly, and approximately in a month or more. First of all removal of harmful substances will be carried out, work of digestive tract is stabilized then it will be possible to feel strengthening of libido. Therefore you shouldn’t expect that next day after the use of this delicacy the erection will be hours-long, as after Viagra reception which may be ordered via Canadian Health and Care Mall. Now outside summer so you shouldn’t waste time in vain. It should be noted that the most useful substances are in crust water-melons, and we generally throw out them.

Remember that the water-melon isn’t the best means for restoration of potency at all. It shows the efficiency in blood circulation strengthening. Therefore, it can be used for treatment of cardiovascular system diseases. There are few side effects, except for some situations. Obesity, diabetes and flatulence are referred to it. The water-melon helps not only to raise erection, fruit is useful at:

  • cystitis;
  • urinary stone disease;
  • nephritis;
  • edema;
  • liver diseases;
  • sclerosis.

So, the water-melon influences erection positively, as well as for work of many organs. In summertime you shouldn’t refuse to yourself an opportunity to receive a powerful libido by winter. The preparation of Levitra which can be got in our online pharmacy – Canadian Health and Care Mall will always present to the man pleasant time during sexual intercourses.

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