Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Treated by Canadian HealthCare Mall Preparations

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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseaseChronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease may be called COPD as well. It is characterized by irreversible or partially reversible restriction of the air stream passing in lungs which steadily progresses and leads to respiratory and heart failure. COPD is a final stage of the lungs diseases which are available for many years, and first of all — chronic bronchitis. In certain cases emphysema of lungs and heavy bronchial asthma may appear, but after all it lead to development, in 90% of cases it is chronic bronchitis of the smoker. Other percent of the disease is the share of non-smoking people.

Air enters lungs through an extensive network of bronchial tubes and bronchioles. With a stream of air small parts of dust and the different other substances flying in air, for example, of silicon or tobacco are brought inside. The surface of bronchial tubes is covered with special cells from within — an epithelium with eyelashes which quickly waves towards an exit (nose) and by that clear lungs of the particles which get to them. That’s why this process went easier, cells are covered with a thin layer of liquid gel, the slime emitted by them. The same eyelashes prevents bacteria from nestling.

The tobacco smoke will paralyze the movement of eyelashes, reducing thereby lungs clarification. The settled parts, including tobacco as foreign matters, cause a long, chronic inflammation in lungs. Bronchial tubes swell, their gleam decreases. Protective cells (neutrophils) constantly emit the enzymes urged to dissolve foreign matters, but aren’t in time for the smoker. Thus also tissue of bronchial tubes is damaged. On an inflammation place microhems which break elasticity of bronchial tubes and their normal structure are formed over time narrowing a gleam. As a result the amount of air which bronchial tubes can pass to lungs, gradually decreases. The bacteria strengthening inflammatory processes, and defiant aggravations of COPD easily settle in such bronchial tubes. You may treat COPD together with Canadian Health&Care Mall ordering necessary preparations for treatment.

This illness begins not at the moment the person starts smoking. Years and even decades pass. It is an illness of after-life. Symptoms of COPD appear after forty years. However it is necessary to remember that the clinic of illness appears when pathological process came rather far and in lungs irreversible changes were created. Up to this point it flows without any symptoms. As soon as cigarette is lit, counting went. People suffer from heart disorders at heavy stages of COPD. The lack of oxygen, violation of lungs structure conducts to violation of blood supply in pulmonary circle of blood circulation, to difficulty of heart working, its dilatation and decrease in pump function that aggravates a condition of patients. Pulmonary heart failure develops. Do not lead to such an advance stage of disease, begin treatment together with Canadian HealthCare Mall.

In the beginning the illness is shown only by short-term cough in the mornings which arises after awakening, with a small amount of sputum. Who will consider himself to be the patient? Anybody, really speaking. Eventually, gradually, cough amplifies, develops already in the afternoon as well. There are exacerbations of bronchitis which after treatment pass without special consequences in the spring-fall. Then short breathing begins at first at strong physical activity but than in usual state as well. It is not already simple bronchitis, it is COPD. If at this time to measure respiratory function, it will be found already irreversible deterioration of pulmonary ventilation. The purpose of COPD treatment is delay of illness progressing and improvement of life quality of the patient. Unfortunately, cardinally it is impossible to change to the best indicators of pulmonary ventilation. Improvement is possible within 15%, however it positively influences both health and activity of people. These objectives can be achieved, applying non-drug and medicamentous means. But first of all the patient has to refuse smoking, without it treatment won’t be effective. To give up smoking you may together with Canadian HealthCare Mall preparations effective in this undertaking business. At the time of short breathing attack bronchodilators of different groups to simplification of breath are applied: atrovent, troventolum, spiriva, berotec. If it is necessary you may use them in combination with inhalation glucocorticosteroids.

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