Alcohol and Erectile Dysfunction

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Male potency depends on many factors, one of which is alcohol. Drinking alcoholic beverages can cause erectile dysfunction and even lead to impotence – inability to complete sexual intercourse. This need to be known by representatives of the stronger sex, because problem with erection can lead to prolonged depression and infertility.

How are Alcoholism and Potency Connected?

There is an erroneous opinion that alcohol in small doses increases male strength, increases desire and prolongs sexual intercourse. This is partly true and has a medical rationale: alcohol reduces sensitivity of nerve endings, and therefore intimacy may be more prolonged. At the same time, constant use of strong drinks leads to the opposite effect – first libido decreases, then excitability and erection decrease, and then impotence occurs.Alcohol and erection

A big problem is innocuous at first glance beer. It contains alcohol in very small doses, but with regular use causes addiction. In addition, barley drinks contain female phytohormones (phytoestrogens), which action is opposite to testosterone, responsible for male sexual function. A man who constantly drinks beer does not consider himself an alcoholic and often sees reasons for inability to perform sexual intercourse in anything, but daily consumption of beer.

Another misconception is that alcohol, drunk in the evening, sometimes stimulates strong erection that occurs the next morning. This phenomenon is explained by the fact that by deactivating any alcohol, liver begins to actively produce substances that stimulate release of testosterone into blood. There is a spontaneous erection that convinces a man of his health and prompts to delay visit to doctor. The result of this lifestyle often leads to sad consequences. Almost all who take alcohol constantly get impotence.

Alcohol as the Cause of Erectile Dysfunction

If a man discovers that his potency has decreased, erection has decreased or disappeared during sexual intercourse, he should not delay visit to specialist. First of all, it is necessary to visit urologist and therapist, to consulate narcologist, neurologist, endocrinologist, psychologist and sex therapist will be useful. It should be clearly understood that alcoholism is not just a bad habit, but it can cause erectile dysfunction. The most common symptoms in this case are:

  1. drinking alcohol does not cause desire to have sex, on the contrary, erection weakens or disappears completely;
  2. sexual contact can be prolonged, but there is no ejaculation. Brightness of sensations decreases until appearance of unpleasant sensations and pain;
  3. alcohol is able to change composition of sperm. The number of spermatozoa with defective structure increases, activity of spermatozoa decreases, which can lead to problems with conception. Often, alcohol is cause of birth of children with serious health problems;
  4. if you refer sexual weakness to fatigue, great physical exertion or stress, but continue to consume alcohol, full impotence occurs. A man does not want intimacy, he does not get erection, and alcohol no longer causes increase in desire.

It is important to remember that alcohol and taking drugs are at the top of the list of causes of sexual weakness. In this regard, to restore sexual function, it is necessary to completely stop taking alcohol, increase physical activity and start taking drugs that have positive effect on male body.

Problems of Erectile Dysfunction Have a Solution

If alcohol is the reason why a man has weak or decreased erection, comprehensive examination is needed. It can include tests for hormones, study of seminal fluid, ultrasound of prostate and other studies. A man will be asked to fill in a questionnaire, which requires to answer several questions, including mentioning how often he drinks alcohol. After examination, treatment will be prescribed, during which alcohol is strictly prohibited. It is also important to provide the body with antioxidants,which neutralize harmful effects of alcohol on male reproductive system. As a result, erection is restored and potency increases.

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