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Panic attackPanic attack or incidental paroxysmal anxiety is one of the main reasons for the address to the psychotherapist now. Moreover, patients with this state can be met on reception at the cardiologist, the neuropathologist, the endocrinologist, in therapeutic and other hospital’s departments. To ten per cent of calls for “ambulance” fall on panic frustration. What is the anxiety? In various explanatory dictionaries the anxiety is understood as excitement, concern, pointless fear, care. In fact, the anxiety is the dominating making mental activity of the person, forcing it to change, adapt for constantly changing world, grow as the personality. Americans say that “the anxiety is a telephone directory of the future”. In traditions of humanistic and existential philosophy, starting with the Danish philosopher S. Kierkegaard, it is accepted to connect anxiety with freedom, with deep changes of the personality. The anxiety always accompanies important events in our life: examinations, weddings, births of children, new appointments.

For this reason a target humanistically of the focused psychotherapy is not the anxiety as it is but its excessive, excess, pathological component which is painfully endured, shown or in the raised background, or in panic frustration or as it often happens, both in that and in other. Moreover, anxiety is so burdensome feeling like oxygen, it is difficult to exist in a free look, and both oxygen forms oxides, and anxiety, undergoing defined metamorphosis, generates fears, depression and a set of other various pathological symptoms. The anxiety provokes avoiding those places and situations where and when it arises or becomes aggravated, narrows world borders, and, as a result, can lead to desocialization, and, even, to invalidization. To control your panic attacks you may together with Canadian Health&Care Mall by ordering tranquillizers to become calm.

Lately we, psychotherapists, examine more and more patients suffering from panic attacks. Probably, it is connected with that very specific information field surrounds us: infinite criminal series on television; murders, the burned, disfigured corpses, natural and technogenic catastrophes at the beginning of news releases, on the first pages and turns of newspapers and magazines; cynically manipulating advertizing it seems “40% of men after 40 years have problems to a potentiality”. Probably, it is connected also by that the world surrounding us is still not really convenient for life: stuffy subway, hours-long traffic jams, household and official rudeness. But as the pathological anxiety develops not at all people living in this world, so there are personal, individual reasons for frustration development. Most often panic attacks arise at people with a special warehouse of the mental constitution, so-called disturbing and hypochondriac type of the personality, possibly, thus the homeostasis level of “anxiety hormones” in blood (catecholamines, serotonin, dopamine) is increased.

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