Canadian Health&Care Mall and Levitra Application in ED Treatment

Posted on 23rd April and posted in  Category: Erectile Dysfunction

Do you know how many men daily feel disappointment because of inability to have sexual intercourse?

The number of these sufferers is estimated in hundreds of millions! For quite some time now patients with erectile dysfunction were utilized Viagra. But at its preparation there are a lot of disadvantages. However this preparation has opened a new era in treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Levitra is more modern development of doctors in the same sphere. It is obvious to start with several figures which say that Levitra is really better, than the preparations created earlier. From the moment of Levitra creation there has passed not one year. During this time both preparation scientists and producers from many countries have carried out nearly one hundred clinical tests. Men of the most different age up to ninety years participated in clinical tests. Canadian Health Care Mall has in its assortment Levitra which fast stimulates erection and prolong the sexual intercourse.


The reasons causing erectile dysfunction among such wide range of examinees are also the most various. When using a standard dosage of Levitra improvement of erectile function has been noted at eighty five percent of experiment’s participants. If to approach purpose of a dosage more individually, then Levitra efficiency reaches ninety two percent.

That is why before purchase of Levitra via Canadian HealthCare Mall it is better for you to descend to the doctor and to consult concerning a dosage and use of this preparation. Levitra effectively helps even to those men who were helped by Viagra. According to scientists, sixty two percent of men who unsuccessfully used this preparation were quite satisfied with action of Levitra. At the same time Levitra can cure of impotence even of the patients having diabetes. In group of similar patients efficiency of Levitra has made seventy two percent. About seventy percent of the patients who have transferred prostate removal also note effective action of Levitra.

Most often it isn’t necessary even to use the biggest dosage of Levitra, here it just also is intended for treatment of the above described hard cases of impotence. Ninety two percent of men are helped by a dose in ten milligrams of a Levitra. It is also necessary to note that the organism doesn’t get used to action of Levitra and doesn’t demand continuous increase in preparation quantity. At the powerful activity, Levitra possesses smaller side effects, than preparations of the same row. It is connected with what vardenafil – active agent of this preparation, affects those enzymes which are in carvenous body, almost without mentioning the similar enzymes which are in other parts of body.

Therefore you can practically not worry about side effects caused by the use of Levitra. Only two percent of the men using Levitra complain of visual perception change. Cold is observed at ten percent of men, some changes of digestion are observed at four percent of men. Reddening of cheeks happens at twelve percent of the patients using Levitra and most often in sixteen percent of cases, the insignificant headache is observed. However don’t worry, all side effects pass by itself and quickly enough. The main contraindication for use of Levitra are heavy violations of heart and vessels work. If your heart is rather healthy, then you can take Levitra absolutely quietly.

There are some restrictions for treatment by Levitra together with other medicines. Therefore before application of Levitra surely study the instruction for use and consult with the doctor.

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